About Me

Observing and loving skin has been a part of me as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories revolve around skin and how it functions. Growing up in California with super fair skin it didn't take long for me to notice my skin speaking an observable language of its own. Somewhere between avoiding being burned and making sense of freckles, I somehow learned age old secrets of health & beauty. I fell in love with skin care more then I could have ever imagined.

I've been in the skin care industry for 8 years now, and over the course of my Esthetician career I have learned what my personal philosophy is. In a world full of so many outside ideas and influences, I believe this personal growth has been the most fun and challenging part of my career. While I believe its important to keep an open mind to the ongoing advances in the skin care industry and other outside philosophies, I am happy to say it's my turn to put into the world and share what I have collected. All the tools, skills and knowledge that I have accumulated is borrowed knowledge from other cultures and teachers who have shared their skills with me. I feel privileged to open our doors and invite you to come in, relax, and experience passionate skin care.

My Philosophy

That you are beautiful at every age! There is something unique and beneficial about the age you are experiencing. The idea of anti-aging is not a healthy goal to live up to. It is important for you to treat yourself with love and to love the skin you have. The skin is an organ that functions with or without your help. Feed your skin the right foods (minerals, oils, vitamins, etc) and the healthier your skin looks. This is just as true for the inside as it is for the outside. Feed body & your soul good things and it will radiate out. Health is beauty! That is why I am here... I want to help your skin feel the best it can for the age that you are at.

* I'm not a doctor or dermatologist so if you have severe skin ailments then it is often wise to seek a doctor or nutritionist to see what is going on from the inside. I can point you in the right direction.

About Almery and Company

"Ah-muh-ree" - Chest for storage, niche cupboard, pantry, vestments and tools, a place for sacred oils.

When I first started experimenting with natural skin care ingredients (oils, butters, extracts, essential oils, etc.,) it was from a large closet at home. I had it set up like a walk in pantry and this is how the name came about. I'd like to think of my skin care room as a place for sacred oils and ingredients.

and Company...

Is a group of highly skilled and like minded beauty and health technicians who run their own businesses from the rooms within Almery & Co.

Almery and Company

A place where women can come as they are and feel at home. The doors here are open to anyone needing respite from their busy life. Come and be rejuvenated! Release the bad energy and stress that clings to you. Leave here feeling renewal. These are the gifts of healing hands, sacred oils, and botanical essences. We encourage you to set aside time to give back to yourself. We have fresh tea and snacks daily and have a clean open environment for you to enjoy.