Sugaring is an ancient method of hair removal that has been in use since Persian & Egyptian times. Almery uses Tamara's all natural sugar paste consisting of only 3 ingredients - water, lemon, and sugar. It's consistency and appearance is very close to that of honey.

Sugaring is sometimes compared to standard waxing. However, we use the Egypian handheld method which means NO wax strips. The process is carried out by holding a ball of sugar, applying it gently to the skin, and then flicking it off in a quick motion. If you have been sugared using strips, then you really haven't been properly sugared. Most of the negative sugaring experiences I've heard about were carried out by inexperienced technicians using wax strips, hard / old sugar, or the rolling method.

When done right, sugaring is far less painful than waxing and causes far less redness. Sugar paste is essentially a water molecule (unlike wax which is resins and oils) and it does not adhere to living tissue. This means it is only removing the hair and not the skin. Also, sugar is heated to just above body temperature, minimizing the risk of burns. Nevertheless, if you have sensitive skin, sugaring can result in some skin irritation and sometimes reaction. This is a natural bodily reaction to hair being pulled from the folicle. Sugar itself is otherwise hypoallergenic.

Another reason to love sugaring is that it is very good at getting hair from the folicle. This results in much finer hair re-growth and can eventually lead to permanence with subsequent treatments.